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HAMR blows the competition out of the water! It's faster than fast. Seriously! HAMR has been optimized to ensure your work gets done more quickly than you ever thought possible.

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HAMR has all the features that you'd come to expect from a Big Data solution, and more! Not only is HAMR blazingly fast at batch processing, but it supports native real-time streaming.

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HAMR is built for the enterprise, designed from the ground up to fit and play well in the enterprise space. Check out the many ways business can benefit from HAMR.

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How is it so fast? HAMR uses data flow graphs of Flowlets.

HAMR's runtime uses patent-pending Flowlets™ technology to enable complex processing graphs operating on in-memory data. Flowlets can read and write to files, store your data in memory, and perform processing tasks.

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The proof is in the data.
See for yourself.

The competition just can't keep up. Running the Naïve Bayes training algorithm HAMR was over 87x faster than Hadoop using Mahout! HAMR has been shown to be up to 9x faster than Spark on several other benchmarks. These are the significant performance improvements that serious big data users need.

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You could be one of the first to experience the revolution in big data: HAMR Version 0.3 is available now. Get your copy today and find out why HAMR is faster than the speed of data.

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